Ethereum Price Revolves Around $185 in the Last 7 Days

Ethereum (ETH) is recently spotted moving around $185. The traders in the currency must be aware of the movement, and hence, despite the current volatility, the loyal traders are still sticking around. Yesterday, the ETH price was seen touching a high at $188.63 and a low of $184.99. The volume marked as $7,872,664,470. Ethereum Price […]

Big Jolt for Apple, Samsung, Sued over Unsafe Handset Radio Frequency Emissions

Tech giants Apple and Samsung have been sued in United States of America over dangerous radio frequency emissions. According to the class-action suit filed in the US District Court, a few models of iPhone and latest Galaxy Smartphone devices emit harmful radiations. The radiations pose several dangers and surpass safety limits set forth by the […]

The second largest Indian state to use blockchain in various spheres

Maharashtra is the second largest state in India and the home of the financial capital of the country. Technological advancements and innovative research have helped tremendously in the development of the state. Recently the Government has been keen on using the Blockchain technology in various startups including Agriculture and organ transplants. Blockchain technology is being […]