Will Ethereum (ETH) Continue to Be Under Bear Shadow?

  • Ethereum price continues to be bullied by the bears

ETH price has had many hiccups on its way but still managed to reach its peak in June, but the bearish wave of July swept aside the good fortune gained in June. The YTD price movement shows a slow start to the year for Ethereum, but it slowly built an upward price momentum until the bears got stronger in July. Since then, the price has been continually below the baseline. The price has been moving in the range between $105 – $316.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

ETH’s price has undergone a lot of variations due to the ongoing volatility in the crypto market. The currency started on a low note of $105.4066 on January 29. On February 24, Ethereum price rose to $166.9715 showing a rise of a good 58.41%. The price fell to $143.6522 on April 02. The next phase was a good time for the coin as the price had a great rally of 120.40% on June 26 and reached $316.3254. With the bearish sentiment looming large over the crypto market, the ETH price went on a continual downhill going below the baseline and reached $172.072 on November 20, showing a fall to the extent of 45.60%. Today the price of Ethereum has slightly recovered at $150.4365.

ETH price has not been able to release itself from the bear pressure, and the price has been on a continual downswing. Analysts expect the crypto market to be bearish and the coin to underperform at this stage. However, the crypto market is expected to gain stable momentum by early 2020. Day traders can still trade though with a very cautious approach as the market is still quite volatile.

Will Bears Continue to Dominate Ethereum Price?

  • Ethereum price is still very much under the control of the bears as seen from the past 6-month price movement

Ethereum (ETH) price has not been able to bask in the glory of its popularity due to its dismal performance during this year. The 6-month price trend shows ETH price continues to perform below the baseline as the ongoing bearish sentiment in the crypto market is too strong to handle. The price of Ethereum has been fluctuating in the range between $173-$330.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH price continues to underperform in the current bearish phase, as seen from the 6-month price trend. The price was at a low of $235.5297 on June 09. Next few days, the price showed a continual uptrend and pushed the price of Ethereum up to $333.40, the upswing being a good 41.63%. July brought about a bearish phase in the crypto market, and ETH price began to slide downwards after mid-July to $199.40, showing a downward movement of 39.55%. The coin managed to go up at $230.21 showing the rise at 15.47%. The price continued to be below the baseline and reached $175.92 on September 06. There was some respite from the bears as the ETH price moved up to $219.78 on September 19. With the bears in full swing, the coin continued its downswing and reached $173.39 on November 21. The current day’s price of Ethereum is at $153.76, showing a downward movement to the extent of 11.32%.

Ethereum Price

ETH coin continues to be influenced by the bears and is putting up a poor performance. This trend is expected until the volatility persists in the crypto market. Experts, however, have faith in the future growth potential of Ethereum and expect it to come out of the bearish trend shortly.

Investors can only hold on to their investments in the ongoing bearish crypto market. Day traders can make gains by working on the speculative nature of the crypto market.

Ethereum Crosses $150 Mark with a 3.65% Hike Overnight

  • Ethereum has crossed its long-pending target of $150 after the last day’s 3.65% increment in the value against USD
  • ETH may continue its growth for the coming few days and resistance may follow at $157

Ethereum has been through three major price variations in the last 24 hours and the price has now reached beyond 150 USD from 147 USD. It has received a 3.65% hike in total over these 24 hours.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH coin opened the day at 147.83 USD and over the next 9 and a half hours, it lost 4.38% and got placed at 141.36 USD. It was followed by a 10.20% hike that added 14.42 USD and pushed the price of Ethereum to 155.78 USD, the highest for the day. However, this high value could not be sustained for long and the price took a downward shift towards 152 USD over the next 8 hours. The current price of ETH coin has been maintained well above 150 USD.

ETH Price Chart

Ethereum has witnessed an increment in the market cap as well. It was at 16.634 billion USD on November 27 and now it has been increased to 16.716 billion USD.

ETH’s current price is now at 153.23 USD and it is trading above both the 20-days MA (152.93 USD) and 50-days MA (153.07 USD). It shows that Ethereum’s strengthening has started and it is likely to retain its growth in the coming few days. It may find itself at 157.42 USD as its next resistance.

Ethereum (ETH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $157.4233
2nd Resistance $161.8366
3rd Resistance $168.7833
1st Support $146.0633
2nd Support $139.1166
3rd Support $134.7033

Will Ethereum Price Push the Bears Away from Its Midst?

  • Ethereum price did manage to hold its ground for the most part of the past 30 days though the price did go down during the last part

Ethereum (ETH) did not perform up to the market due to the continual volatility in the crypto market. However, the past one-month price trend for the coin shows the price moving mostly in the upper range though the ETH coin fell below the baseline near the end of the month. The price movements have been in the range between $136 – $192.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin did perform well during most part of the last 30-days time period by being in the upper range, though the crypto market was leaning towards a heavily bearish sentiment. The price of Ethereum was at $192.1283 on October 29. It had a fall on November 03, and the ETH price reached $180.9033 showing a downward movement of 5.84%. The price continued to fluctuate and showed an upward rally at $192.9418 on the next day. With the crypto market continuing to be volatile, the price of ETH coin fell to $179.4392 showing a downward variation of 7.25% on November 15. After two days, the price showed recovery at $185.4584 with 3.99% hike. After this phase, the bears started gaining more control and exerting more pressure on Ethereum. This made the price go on a continual downswing, and the price reached a low of $136.8165 on November 25. Today, the price of ETH coin is at $149.2349 showing a recovery of 9.08%.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum price has managed to hold its ground for the most part of the past 30 days price trend. With the volatility still high in the crypto market, the bears continue to wield pressure on its price. Analysts, however, expect ETH to come out of the bearish phase in the near term.

Ethereum (ETH) Marks Tremendous Drop Over the Last 30 Days

Ethereum is under heavy market pressure from the past few days. The price is falling tremendously and is likely to touch a new low. The market influencer, Bitcoin is dealing at quarterly low $6,800. The fall in the price of the coins is quite disappointing. However, ETH is a high potential coin. The currency could be seen coming out of the crash soon. The traders need to remain patient till then.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin was spotted at $195.61 on October 26, 2019. The price dropped to $174.95 by 10% but improved later and touched $193 by 8.36%. Further, the Ethereum price reflected a slight fall and touched $183.13 by 5.13%. The price of the coin remained locked at the same level for some time. There was another escalation that took the ETH price to $193.60. The currency started falling thereafter. The coin touched $184.56 with 4.67% regression. The downtrend took the coin to $175.67 and later to $139.66 by 4.97% and 20.35%, respectively. There was short-lived recovery that was followed by a fall. The price counters changed from $150.99 to $133 by 11.40%.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum has given marvelous results in the past. The same is expected by the coin in the future. We are anticipating that ETH price would climb again and hit astounding highs in the coming days. The investors who have invested in the currency over the past few years must have experienced the same.

For intraday traders, Ethereum is spotted falling below its crucial support at $135.4 and near major support around $127. The coin violated the immediate support level within the first few hours of opening.

The long-term investment is best suited for the Ethereum traders. But, the coin is under extreme pressure, which is not considered as the best time for investment.

Ethereum (ETH) Has Made a Decent 33% Gain till Now in 2019

  • Ethereum retains its crown as one of the few high growth coins of 2019
  • ETH price is to touch 180 USD soon as resistance is likely at 178 USD

Ethereum has emerged as one of the few coins to have shown growth since the starting of 2019. In the almost 11 months, it has made an overall hike of 33.789%, and its price trend can be divided into three phases of variations.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum opened the year at 130.66 USD, and the first variation happened by May 16 when it reached 281.77 USD after gaining a whopping 115.65%. The next swing was another increment of value, and this time the 60.20% increment pushed the price of ETH coin to 364.49 USD by June 26. On the same day, it started showing signs of weakness, and over the next 122 days, it lost 56.05% and got placed at 160.67 USD. The current price of Ethereum, however, has been nearing 175 USD.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum’s market cap on the first day of 2019 was 14.665 billion USD, and over these almost 11 months, it has increased to 19.094 billion USD. The highest market cap of ETH coin was on June 26 at 35.916 billion USD.

Ethereum’s 200 days average stands at 215.21 USD, and it’s 50 days average roams around 180.6 USD. The current price of Ethereum at 174.81 USD is 3.20% and 18.77% less than the 50 days average and 20 days average, respectively. ETH coin may find the next stop at 178.03 USD as its next resistance point.

Ethereum (ETH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $178.03
2nd Resistance $180.36
3rd Resistance $181.73
1st Support $174.33
2nd Support $172.96
3rd Support $170.63

Will Ethereum Gain Upward Momentum?

Prior this month, Péter Szilágyi affirmed the date of the system’s up and coming overhaul, Istanbul. Ethereum’s eighth hard fork is happening on December 04, which may have an impact on the prices. $155.82 was the price on January 6, 2019 and was traded at lowest value $102.89. The ETH coin gave an impressive rise by 73% from April 29 to May 16, 2019. $335.52 was the greatest value of Ethereum on June 26, 2019. Since about July 16, 2019, the bullish trend which it had gained has faded away, and bears are controlling the coin.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Looking at the prices since September 19, 2019, ETH coin is showing a negative run by 20.34% as of now. It may remain with the same movement and reach its immediate support $174.23 shortly.

It looks like a good time to either buy new ETH coins or hold some old ones as per your choice. Ethereum can get circulated within $174.58 and $177.29 today. Bears were dominating until mid of May 2019, post which the scenario changed till the end of July 2019. Post-July 2019, onwards, the bears seem to control the prices once again. Ethereum has the capacity to overcome Bitcoin in the long run.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum Price Revolves Around $185 in the Last 7 Days

Ethereum (ETH) is recently spotted moving around $185. The traders in the currency must be aware of the movement, and hence, despite the current volatility, the loyal traders are still sticking around. Yesterday, the ETH price was seen touching a high at $188.63 and a low of $184.99. The volume marked as $7,872,664,470.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin started the week at $183.78. The price went up to $185.18 by the end of the day by 0.77%. On November 10, the price jumped to $190.03 by 2.68%. Later, the price of Ethereum fell to $185.12 by 2.45%. On November 12, the escalation was noted as 0.74%. The counter touched $186.49. On the next day, the price escalated to $189.28 by 1.95%. Yesterday, ETH’s price fell and touched $185.26 again. The regression was marked as 2.16%. Today, the intraday movement of the coin is marked around $185.18

Ethereum Price

Ethereum is currently dealing at $183.66. The intraday price movement has reflected a recovery in the price as during the opening hours the price was at $182. As per the resistance and support levels, the price of ETH coin has jumped from the next support level to the immediate support level.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $188.09
R2 $190.18
R3 $191.73
Support Level Price
S1 $184.45
S2 $182.9
S3 $180.81

The currency holds a lot of expectations for improvement. The traders consider Ethereum as a result yielding coin. The interested investors are recommended to opt for long-term investment as it would give a colossal return in the future.

Good News For All The BlockFi Users; Earn Interest On All Amount Of Crypto Investment

Good news for all the BlockFi users, as this leading New York-based cryptocurrency company has made a huge announcement for their users. Starting from today, the users of BlockFi don’t have to worry about meeting the minimum deposit criteria to avail its BlockFi Interest Account (BIA).

In simple terms, users of BlockFi are now able to earn interest on any amount of their Bitcoin, Ether, or GUSD balances. The company has removed the minimum deposit criteria, that will now allow them to attract new customers to try their service and get into cryptocurrency.

Not just this along with the minimum deposit rule, BlockFi has now also waived its early withdrawal penalty, allowing its users to make one free withdrawal per month.

This move from BlockFi enables more people to access financial tools, which happens to be the core philosophy of the company as well. The announcement was made by the CEO and Founder of BlockFi, Zac Prince on September 13. He said as the people are showing more interest in the cryptocurrency that has helped them to grow their market.

Along with all this new announcement for the good of its users, the company has also recently entered India in an attempt to expand and now targetting Latin America as their prospect market.

To support their expansion plans, BlockFi has recently secured a funding of $18.3 million in a funding round led by Valar Ventures. Company’s plans seem to be secured and with their expansion in new countries, they’ll be able to offer financial tools to more and more people.

This has made BlockFi gain more trust in the market and among its users. If you are a BlockFi user, you can apply for the BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) and start gaining interest on all your crypto investment.

New fan token ecosystem launched by Atletico Madrid

Atletico de Madrid- the Spanish soccer team that plays at the top division levels organized by Spain’s soccer league is now all set to launch a fan token ecosystem. The team has announced this partnership for releasing this fan token with Socios.com on 6th September.

Socios.com is a blockchain platform that uses Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency for its platform. This cryptocurrency can be purchased by the fans from Socios.com which can then be exchanged for the fan tokens. To be more precise, fans must first purchase CHZ from a cryptocurrency exchange either directly or through the mobile app, which is then tradable against the native token at Socios.com.

As per the previous reports, Socios is a blockchain platform powered by the tokenized crowd management platform FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The supporters who purchase the tokens can poll their votes in support for the team and can subsequently earn rewards via a mobile app. The rewards are mainly in the form of points, which can then be accumulated to purchase merchandise through the mobile app.

Socios and Atletico Madrid are all set to release the fan token in 2019 for the 19/20 season and the tokens are priced at 2 Euros. However, the fan tokens are also available for free through the geo-location feature of the mobile app called the “Token Hunt.” It is like a digital asset conferring voting rights to the Atletico fans and also drive the fan base by giving out reward points. If more fans can interact with the club’s decisions, more are the chances to earn reward points. This again opens up more opportunities to buy merchandises, leaderboards, and games.

Alexander Dreyfus, the CEO, and Funder of Socios.com, seems very pleased with the alliance and has been praising the partnership on every platform. He said in praise for the team that Atletico de Madrid apart from being the giant football team of the world, has been making great advancements in technology which is the main reason why they signed the deal with them. This partnership will enable the team to expand their fan base beyond Spain through the innovative blockchain technology. Therefore, the partnership of Atletico De Madrid with Socios.Com will help both.