Will Bears Continue to Dominate Ethereum Price?

Ethereum price is still very much under the control of the bears as seen from the past 6-month price movement Ethereum (ETH) price has not been able to bask in the glory of its popularity due to its dismal performance during this year. The 6-month price trend shows ETH price continues to perform below the […]

Ethereum Crosses $150 Mark with a 3.65% Hike Overnight

Ethereum has crossed its long-pending target of $150 after the last day’s 3.65% increment in the value against USD ETH may continue its growth for the coming few days and resistance may follow at $157 Ethereum has been through three major price variations in the last 24 hours and the price has now reached beyond […]

Will Ethereum Price Push the Bears Away from Its Midst?

Ethereum price did manage to hold its ground for the most part of the past 30 days though the price did go down during the last part Ethereum (ETH) did not perform up to the market due to the continual volatility in the crypto market. However, the past one-month price trend for the coin shows […]

Ethereum (ETH) Marks Tremendous Drop Over the Last 30 Days

Ethereum is under heavy market pressure from the past few days. The price is falling tremendously and is likely to touch a new low. The market influencer, Bitcoin is dealing at quarterly low $6,800. The fall in the price of the coins is quite disappointing. However, ETH is a high potential coin. The currency could […]

Ethereum Price Revolves Around $185 in the Last 7 Days

Ethereum (ETH) is recently spotted moving around $185. The traders in the currency must be aware of the movement, and hence, despite the current volatility, the loyal traders are still sticking around. Yesterday, the ETH price was seen touching a high at $188.63 and a low of $184.99. The volume marked as $7,872,664,470. Ethereum Price […]

Good News For All The BlockFi Users; Earn Interest On All Amount Of Crypto Investment

Good news for all the BlockFi users, as this leading New York-based cryptocurrency company has made a huge announcement for their users. Starting from today, the users of BlockFi don’t have to worry about meeting the minimum deposit criteria to avail its BlockFi Interest Account (BIA). In simple terms, users of BlockFi are now able […]