Waves Platform Partners with a Game Distribution Platform, The Abyss

Waves, a renowned open-source platform of blockchain for cutting-edge decentralized applications, has partnered with online video games’ digital distribution platform called The Abyss. With the collaboration, both the companies intend to implement a marketplace, powered by blockchain technology, of in-game products and digital goods. The official announcement was made by The Abyss on 5th September 2019 through a blog post on Medium.

The interesting thing about this collaboration is the way it will facilitate the users to purchase, as well as sell, any of the available items using the Abyss Tokens. The items can be sold to any other user regardless of the supported game from which it was bought. This feature will provide the game developers with another means of monetizing their gaming projects on the platform of Abyss.

It is vital to note that, The Abyss platform will be the first-ever game platform to use the blockchain technology of Waves for developing a ubiquitous marketplace consisting of a variety of tradable goods, along with in-game products offered in the game by the partner game developers, highlights the official announcement blog post.

Moreover, it will now become possible for game developers to link the Abyss Tokens directly into their games based on Waves. That would happen once the Tokens are integrated with the Waves blockchain. To make this process of integration easier and smoother, The Abyss is going to offer an SDK and thorough technical assistance.

If all this was not enough, Waves blockchain’s game projects would be able to access the distribution network of The Abyss. What that means is, the games would get a wider distribution, making them attain a considerably larger gaming audience.

On this exciting new development, Waves Platform’s Founder-CEO, Sasha Ivanov, came forward to share their views. As per Ivanov, they recognize that the gaming sector, worth over 100 billion dollars, has a huge potential as a significant blockchain use case that fits perfectly with the existing gameplay mechanics as well as goods trading. Continuing further, Ivanov voiced their belief saying that, they think of the gaming sector to be an enthusiastic blockchain adopter and their collaboration with The Abyss would drive its extensive use.

On the other hand, The Abyss Founder, Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, stated that the Waves technology’s integration would let their platform build video game sector’s one of the most advanced and best digital marketplaces. It is meant to elevate the trading transaction processing speed besides accelerating blockchain adoption as well, added Boyko-Romanovsky.

The Abyss’ team of developers has already begun the preparatory measures for Waves’ integration. Game developers and studios will receive the respective API libraries and methods once they get included in the SDK, as noted in the blog post.

Big Jolt for Apple, Samsung, Sued over Unsafe Handset Radio Frequency Emissions

Tech giants Apple and Samsung have been sued in United States of America over dangerous radio frequency emissions. According to the class-action suit filed in the US District Court, a few models of iPhone and latest Galaxy Smartphone devices emit harmful radiations. The radiations pose several dangers and surpass safety limits set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.

The suit was filed on Friday, July 23. According to the suit, Apple and Samsung misinformed scores of customers all over the world by not disclosing about the possible side effects from their devices’ damaging RF exposure.

The complaint states that radio frequency emitted from leading handsets like iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and a few models of Galaxy go beyond the legal limits.

The complaint further reveals that excessive radio frequency emission poses several risks to human health. It can potentially increase the risk of cancer, genetic damage, cellular strain, neurological disorders, overall impact on the well-being of human health, rise in dangerous Free Radicals, etc.

If the recent scientific publications are to be believed, the radio frequency exposure can affect the living organism to a greater extent.

Earlier, several tests were carried out on the many iPhone handsets which may include iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy J3, Motorola’s Moto g6, Moto g6 Play, etc. The result of the test concluded that only iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone x, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Galaxy J3 have been producing harmful RF emissions that exceed safety limits. These models are not following the limits set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FCC spokesman Neil Grace said that any claims on the non-compliance with the radio frequency exposure would be considered with complete gravity. The subject phones will be obtained and tested for compliance with FCC rules and regulations.

However, Apple was quick to dismiss the test results. Apple said, all the models including iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone x are completely certified by the Federal Communications Commission and in all the nations where iPhones are available for sale.

Meanwhile, Samsung also said in a statement that all the Samsung devices available for sale in the USA follow the FCC limits. The tech giant claimed that its devices are tested as per the similar test protocols which are used all across the industry.

Fidelity Investments Turns Infidel! Sells Shares Worth Over 820 Crore Rupees of LIC Housing Finance Corporation

Fidelity Investments on Thursday sold over 1.91 crore shares of LIC Housing Finance worth approximately 821 crore rupees. This was done mainly through open market transactions. An open market transaction implies an order placed by an insider ( a director or senior officer of a company or a person who owns more than 10 percent of a company’s voting shares) after all documentation has been filed, to buy or sell restricted securities openly on an exchange. In such cases the insider is voluntarily buying or selling shares at or almost the market price.

This transaction was conducted in four phases, selling shares worth 1.91 crores in all, at rupees 428.26 apiece, amounting to nearly 820.92 crore rupees. The data available with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), says this transaction was done by Fidelity Investment Trust through Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock Fund, Fidelity Oversees Fund, Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund, and Fidelity International Fund.

Fidelity Investments is popularly known as Fidelity, and earlier as Fidelity Management and Research, one of the largest asset managers of the world, is an American multinational financial services corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts. Fidelity Investments operates a brokerage firm, providing investment advice, fund distribution, retirement services, crypto-currency, Index Funds, life insurance, wealth management and so on.

Goldman Sachs. Singapore purchased a total of 71 lakh shares of LIC Housing Finance worth an amount of 303.62 crore rupees. This was however done in a separate set of transaction. LIC Housing Finance is one of the largest housing finance companies in India dealing particularly with mortgage loans. It is an associate or subsidiary company of LIC of India. Its primary objective is to provide long term finance to individuals for purchase or construction of new house or flat for residential purpose or repair and renovation of existing ones.

The shareholding pattern and bulk deal data available with the BSE suggests that Fidelity Investment Trust held over 3.41 percent stake in LIC Housing Finance at the end of the June 2019 quarter of the current financial year. LIC Housing shares ended at 412.85 rupees apiece, down 10.97 percent on the BSE.

The second largest Indian state to use blockchain in various spheres

Maharashtra is the second largest state in India and the home of the financial capital of the country.

Technological advancements and innovative research have helped tremendously in the development of the state. Recently the Government has been keen on using the Blockchain technology in various startups including Agriculture and organ transplants.

Blockchain technology is being described and considered as the future of trade and transactions and a solution to the non-transparency issues persistent in the areas of Governance and Business. Klaus Shwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum provide this summary in his book on the fourth industrial revolution. “In essence, the blockchain is a shared, programmable cryptographically secure and therefore trusted ledger which no single user controls and which can be inspected by anyone.”

At the Maharashtra tech summit 2018, with the theme, ‘Digital transformation through the Blockchain,’ the chief minister Devendra Fadnavis opened up about his Keenness to implement blockchains in governance in the State and the Country. During his address, he made a few interesting statements like “We’ve seen the internet of information so far, but with blockchain we see the internet of value.” He was also quoted saying, “The issuing of currencies has been the function of the sovereign, but things are changing, and it’s time the govt learned it”.

Maharashtra was the third state in India to implement blockchains in any sector. Telangana known as India’s blockchain district and Andra Pradesh were the pioneers in India to do so. Today half of the States in the country are running pilots’ studies, and some have begun to implement them too including Maharashtra.

Maharashtra government confirmed an ambitious plan to implement blockchain technology in agriculture marketing, Supply chain, registration of vehicles and document management system in the year 2018. The Maharashtra Information technology directorate was the nodal agency for implementation. Since then the Government has been actively involved in this mission. The government of Maharashtra endorsed the Internationally acclaimed global tech event series, World blockchain summit, which took place on 20 June 2019 in Mumbai. Well aware of India’s rising potential of being the next technology epicentre of the World, World block chain summit brought down the nation’s top technology experts, investors and thought- leaders to the financial hub to help bridge the local market and the Global industry, which could be instrumental in helping the nation curb the problems like financial mismanagement, corruption and supply-chain bottlenecks in the Manufacturing Industry.

The pilot study by the Maharashtra govt, which started in early 2018 was concluded recently with four blockchain proof of concepts (POC’s) that tracks organ transplants, rationing, land records, and digital certification. These projects are about to be implemented. With most of the projects at pilot stage (92%) and the business benefits of the blockchain becoming clearer to enterprises a sizable share of the projects are expected to poss the business case evaluation barrier and move into production in 2019 itself.

The Maharashtra govt has also signed a Mou with the Swiss govt and the Bahrain Economic Development Board to share ideas on blockchain technology and its applications.

Other than the RBI, the government-run think-tank, NITI Aayog is working on a blockchain solution called Indiachain. They plan to issue digital degree certificates that can be verified using an app and fight the menace of fake educational degrees in India. Private companies like Jio, Infosys and IBM are also on research to build blockchain networks.

NEO Price Analysis: Will NEO manage to reach $12.13 by tomorrow?

NEO’s price was as high as $13.09 on 22-July-19. Post the said date, the coin has seen couple of sharp falls and prices were falling on daily basis. It reached as low as $10.80 on 24-July-19. However, since the latter part of 24-July-19, the coin seems to have gained back its momentum and is slowly beginning to rise upwards. In a period of three days’ time, NEO has really managed to get back in the game and has shown 11% growth. We strongly believe that the coin will continue with the bullish run and prices are expected to reach as high as $12.13 by 28-July-19.

Below is the price analysis of the coin:

Current Data of NEO:

  • Ranking of the coin is at number 16.
  • Market value of NEO was $853,801,269 at 06:24 UTC time.
  • NEO is valued at $12.00 as per 06:54 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $261,690,781
  • 70,538,831 NEO coins are stable since many weeks now.
  • ROI of the coin stands at 6,577.69%.

NEO Price Comparison and Future Predictions:

If we compare the price of NEO since lowest value of $10.80 on 24-July-19 at 04:25 UTC time and today, NEO reflects a bullish trend by 11%.

We anticipate that NEO will continue to rise and may reach $12.13 by the end of the day tomorrow. After about a week’s time, the coin may be traded at $12.79 with an increase of more than 5%. By the end of 2019, NEO can reach as high as $13 with more than 14% growth.


As per the present price movement of the coin, it is advisable to sell the NEO coins in hand today. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator points out that the present movement of the coin is a bearish one, which we believe that the scenario will change by tomorrow. You may also purchase new coins after a day or two and retain the same for at least till 2025 which will prove to be a great investment option. NEO has great potential and will continue to offer good returns and dividends to all its investors in the long run.

TRON price is fluctuating below the baseline

TRON recently partnered with GGBTC, which is a globally integrated trading platform. The trading pair available as of now on the platform is GGC/TRX. This might be a good start for TRON community to fetch some good profits and returns pretty soon.

TRON Price Analysis & Future Forecast

TRX price is trading at $0.025300 at 06:18 UTC on 23rd July 2019. In the past 5 days, the lowest value was seen on 18th July at 14:10 UTC trading at $0.022651. The value escalated by 35.05% on 20th July at 22:05 UTC trading at $0.030590. However, the value from then is constantly dropping. And today, at 05:35 UTC, Tron price dropped to the lower point by 17.99% with a trading value of $0.025128 and is fluctuating in the same zone.

TRON, like many other major coins, is trending in the ‘buying’ zone with bearish nature. This means that this is an ideal time for the new investors to ‘buy’ TRX currency and join the network. TRX has been a surprising currency, and it might surprise the traders with some agreeable returns in the near future.

For safer bids, the resistance & support levels are calculated as:

R1: $0.028878, R2: $0.031138 and R3: $0.032407

S1: $0.025349, S2: $0.02408 and S3: $0.02182

VeChain (VET) Price Prediction: Market Sentiments Are Bullish, However, The Coin Fell by a Place in the Chart

Meta Data: VeChain has shown some strengthening. The long term trend is bullish while the short term is still bearish.

Recently Jur, a legal advisor organisation, joined the VeChain ecosystem. Both organisations share a vision of using blockchain technology in solving real-world problems. And in order to implement those vision, decentralized legal infrastructure is critical to the ecosystem. Earlier, Jur Completed successful funding round with the foundation and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Current Statistics (July 18, at UTC 07:50):

  • VeChain (VET) vs USD was trading around $0.00554821.
  • Against Bitcoin, the crypto was valued around 0.00000056 BTC per chip.
  • VeChain (VET) is currently placed at 32nd position in cryptocurrency chart.
  • Additionally, the market capitalisation of the coin was around 304,149,240 USD.
  • On top of that, the 24-hour trading volume in the altcoin was 47,241,080 USD.
  • The number of VeChain chips circulating in the market, at the above mentioned time, was 55,454,734,800 VET.
  • At the time of writing, the return on investment in VeChain was -63.53%.


On June 23, VeChain (VET) was trading around 0.00746754 USD. However, today after 25-days, the crypto has gone by a huge margin of about 25.7%. Similarly, in the last 7-days of trading, the digital coin has made a dip of 9.23% from the market price of 0.00611285 USD on July 12. Nevertheless, yesterday was a good trading day for VeChain, where it opened around 0.005189 USD and with a strengthening of 4.98%, it wrapped the day at 0.005448 USD.


According to our in-house analysis, VeChain (VET) will trade around 0.01 USD by the end of 2019. After the weeks of slow down, the coin started to show some movement toward the upper side of the chart. On top of that, the immediate resistance for the coin is at 0.005823 USD and the support level is at 0.00496533 USD.


The joining of Jur in the VeChain ecosystem is a great feat for the organisation, as it will help the blockchain in sustaining and streamlining the future roadmap. Additionally, the latest bull run in the coin will help in assuring the community regarding the future of the digital coin. As far as trends are concerned, the long term is bullish, however, the short term seems to be a bit unpredictable.